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bulletFriends of the French Bulldog Newsletter
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Friends of the French Bulldog Newsletter

This newsletter was published quarterly in March, June, September, and December. It will not be published anymore because OFA will not send quarterly updates, the reason being there are not enough people testing the French Bulldog. The last issue went out in September of 1997. I am please to announce that it will be online in the near future.   The Newsletter addresses the following information:
bulletGenetic statistics on the French Bulldog from institutions such as OFA, GDC, CERF, and Cornell University (vWD statistics).
bulletShow information, such as dates and judges for shows.
bulletGenetic and health related information of interest to breeders and friends of the French Bulldog.

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Genetic Data Collection List

bulletOrthopedics Foundation of America (OFA) Hips
bulletOrthopedics Foundation of America (OFA) Elbows
bulletOrthopedics Foundation of America (OFA)
bulletOrthopedics Foundation of America (OFA) Preliminary Hip and Elbow
bulletOrthopedics Foundation of America (OFA) Thyroid
bulletGenetic Disease Control in Animals (GDC) Hips, Elbows, and Eyes - OPEN REG. Based in Davis Ca. GDC has dissolved its status as a non-profit organization.
bulletCornell University vWD Normal
bulletCERF Canine Eye Registration Foundation


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