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This is where we'll announce the most recent additions or changes to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

01.21.2016:  Its been a while, Bella passed away December 14,2015.  We moved to Kentucky January 01,2016.  Gamble <neutered> Frenchie and Snowy our nearly 20 year old Goffin Cockatoo are with Hank and I on our new adventure.

11-13-07:  The Parker home has a new little one who is not a French Bulldog, but a Saint Bernard and her name is Bell.  Diesel has returned home from Bill's and is doing well.  Angel is still with us and sassy as ever, and we lost our dearest HankHank the English Bulldog in September of 07. His passing was very difficult for the entire family.  We are hoping that with the passing of HankHank we can find some good times in our newest addition Bell.

10-13-06:  I have not been breeding at all, I wish the French Bulldog Breeders the best with the breed and I only pray that they will do health testing before they breed.

03-30-02:  New Theme added to web site.

08-08-01:  Added photos drawn by Victoria

07-00-01:  Chunk died from a bug bite

11-30-00:  Added photos drawn by Victoria

03-28-00:  Tornado

07-14-99:  Changed format of Web Site

06-12-99: Up dating photos adding some new kid art.

10-05-98:  Changes that required the removal of Orphan files.

06-26-98:  There have been many changes through out the past six months, just haven't had the time to list them. :)

12/31/97: Updates and Guest Book

Updated links and added a Guest Book.

12/1/97: Site Moved

Our site moved to www.dogstop.com/povrlrd.

10/21/97: Litter Announcements

Added pups along with new animated gifs.

7/13/97: Major Renovations

Completed major design changes. Content did not change very much with this redesign. Home page, navigation bar, and background were the main items that were modified. A "Kid Art" section was added.

3/28/97: Minor Updates

Made minor updates to several pages and added some pictures.

2/10/97: Litter Announcements

Added a new page containing litter announcements and available dogs. Added supporting pages with pictures and pedigrees of the featured sires and dams.

1/1/97: Links and Formatting Changes

Added a new page containing links to other sites. Made several formatting changes to simplify future updates and improve page loading times.

12/18/96: Counter

A visitor counter was added to our homepage.

12/15/96: Pedigrees and Enhancements

Pedigrees were added to the dog home pages. Miscellaneous enhancements were made to ease navigation and improve the appearance.

11/25/96: Compressed Pictures

All of the JPG files were compressed to speed download times.

11/24/96: All New Pages

EVERYTHING is new! We've remodeled our site to give it a whole new look. All the pages were replaced, new pictures were added, and descriptions of several services were added. The individual dog pages are still under construction. Pictures are available, but pedigrees will be added over the next 1-2 weeks.

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