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This is the contractual agreement for the breeding of:

Bitch :


AKC Registration Number :


Titles Earned :

5 Generation Pedigree on Bitch Received : ______________________________


OFA , GDC or Penn Hip Certificate  
OFA , or GDC Elbow #  
OFA Patellar #  
OFA Heart #  
OFA Thyroid # or Lab Application number  
vWD Application number and Percentage  
CERF #  
SPINE - Indicate normal or changes  

Owned by


Address :


The above-described bitch shall be bred to:

Stud dog :


AKC Registration Number :


Titles Earned :



OFA , GDC or Penn Hip Certificate  
OFA , or GDC Elbow #  
OFA Patellar #  
OFA Heart #  
OFA Thyroid # or Lab Application number  
vWD Application number and Percentage  
SPINE – Indicate Normal or Changes  

Owned by :


Address :


The following are the requirements that the bitch must meet in order to be bred to :

  1. The bitch must be at least breed quality to even be considered.
  2. The bitch must be proven to be free of Hip Dysplasia as evidenced by a Certification from OFA, GDC or PennHip.
  3. The bitch must have full and correct dentition, and fit the French Bulldog standard.
  4. The bitch must be of sound, stable temperament.
  5. The bitch must be in good health as evidenced by an updated veterinary examination which must include the following items:
A current Brucellosis test.  
A current vaginal cytology demonstrating what stage of the estrus cycle the bitch is in and whether or not any bacterial diseases are present in the vagina that may cause venereal diseases or problems with her conceiving.  
A current listing of vaccinations she has been given  
Any medical information available in case an emergency arises  
  1. The bitch should be groomed, bathed, and dipped before she is shipped to us to be bred.
  2. A copy of her pedigree, AKC or Foreign Registration Certificate recognized by AKC.

The stud fee is _______________________ and to be paid when the bitch is delivered by owner if at least one breeding is achieved. The stud fee is in no way refundable. We guarantee that live sperm are found in the bitch immediately after mating as evidenced by microscopic examination. If puppy is to be received instead of money, it will be pick puppy and 1 puppy constitutes a litter.  It is up to the stud owner at that time to ask for the stud fee instead of taking the puppy or take the puppy and the bitch can return for 1 free breeding.  This bitch will be bred naturally unless otherwise stated by artificial insemination. Which will be provided but only after the bitch's owner has been notified and approved of this method. If the bitch fails to conceive a return service at no charge will be given to this bitch provided the owner of the bitch notifies us within 7 days after the projected whelping date that no puppies were whelped. In addition, if the bitch does not whelp one live puppy, then a free stud service to the original bitch, or a mutually agreeable bitch, at a mutually agreeable time. There will be NO 3RD Breeding.  All transportation charges and veterinary expenses will be the responsibility of the owner of the bitch. There is no charge for boarding the bitch for the first seven days, then the charge will be $10.00 per day. This fee includes food, water, and exercise. We will supply pedigrees, photographs, and will aid in the placing of puppies that result from this mating into good homes.

The owner of the bitch warrants that this bitch has not been exposed to any stud dog prior to her arrival and that he will protect her from exposure upon her return home.

If pick puppy is to be received, the litter will be looked at when they are at least 8 weeks of age.


The owner of the bitch hereby releases from responsibility :



Constance and Hank A Parker

or it's officers from any and all liabilities and/or damages to said bitch while she is in the care of

POVRLRD KENNELS for breeding.


The above agreement is made and signed this ____________________ day of _____200___ by
Constance Parker
and the owner of the bitch to assure the well-being of the animals involved and their progeny.
This contract shall be deemed a legally-binding contract and is under the jurisdiction of the
State of ________________ in the County of : ___________________________________
It is further agreed that the place of venue shall be _____________________ county.

I, We, the owner of the bitch hereby certifies) that we have read this contract, understand it's complete contents, and agree to it fully, we also agree that we are not a puppy mill and will not sell any of these puppies that result from this litter to puppy mills or brokers.  I do understand that the stud owner will sue to the fullest extent of the law if any of these puppies are found in the above situations:


Date : ______________________________________________________________________

This contract is subject to change at the stud owner's discretion!

Copyright 1997, 1998, 1999,2000,2001 Povrlrd Kennels

If you would like to use this contract, contact me and I will give you permission to use it!

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